Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ads and Images.

All of the above images were ads and designs created over the last year for various newspapers including The State, the Freetimes and The Daily Gamecock. Many were done for clients of Graph-itti Inc, The Rosewood Merchant's Association, Fifth Avenue Deli and the Cigar Box. All images were done in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop CS2.

USC Heisman Pose for Gamecock Stop

This image is the sketch I did for Gamecock Stop in Columbia, SC. The owner approached me with the concept of a shirt that would allow him to place a picture of his customer's face and put it on the image of a football player imitating the Heisman pose in a USC Gamecock uniform. I used a few reference photos of different players but none of them were in this particular pose. There are a few differences between this image and the one below namely, the proportion of the outstretched hand/arm and the foot in the foreground.

Here is the finished piece as a vector art image. I used Adobe Illustrator CS2 to keep all colored objects editable.